5 Things to Leave off Your Resume

5 Things to Leave off Your Resume :

There are so many reasons as to why an employer will call you in to fill a role (or not). It could be because of the way you present yourself, it could be down to the fact that they like your personality, or, it could be due to your resume writing that expresses exactly why you’re qualified for the position at the company.

Whether you apply online, through recruitment job agencies, or apply directly through the company’s website; resume writing is a fundamental way for recruiters and hiring managers to view your experience. If you’re struggling to land a job in your industry, it’s most likely down to your resume. To assist, we’re going to advise you on some of the 5 best resume building tips, and fill you in on what to leave off a resume.

5 Resume Building Tips What to Leave Off a Resume

1) Your Address

If you’re applying for a job in a certain area, then the employer assumes that you’re living in a place where the office is easily accessible. In addition to this, it doesn’t really matter where you live as people move so much nowadays. As long as you can get to work and back home safely, that’s all they care about.

2) Old Experience

Employers tend to consistently complain about this. Probably one of the biggest resume building tips is to make sure you leave off any experience that’s extremely old, or just irrelevant This can be distracting, and it really grinds gears if the resume writing is just too long. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your most recent experience fits on one page. Take the time to streamline your resume to match the positions relevant to the job to which you’re applying to. In this case, less really is more.

3) Objective

Employers don’t really look twice at your objective in your resume writing. All they care about is whether you have the skills to get the job done at your very best. If you include an objective, it can come across as a minor distraction. At the very worst? You can look immature or unrealistic which may put employers off.

4) A Photo Of Yourself

Let’s face it, again, employers really don’t care about what you look like. And if they do? Then you probably don’t want to work for them anyway. When you include a photo of yourself it takes away from the function of a resume, which is ultimately to narrow down the applicants who are most capable to do the job.

5) Misspellings and Grammatical Errors

This is definitely huge when it comes to what to leave off a resume. It’s probably on every list of resume building tips out there, and for good reason – it makes you look bad. Make sure you use apps like Grammarly to double-check the spelling, or, have someone else look over your final version. It’s vital to ensure you don’t have any grammar mistakes or misspelled words.