Earth Day: 7 Things You Can Do to Become a Planet Saving Hero

7 Things You Can Do to Become a Planet Saving Hero This Earth Day

The great David Attenborough once said, ‘’It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on earth.’’ After all, we do indeed share this beautiful, vibrant, planet.

Here at Lowie, we firmly believe that every single day should be Earth Day. Concern for saving the planet is one of our core values, one that is a long-standing, year-round commitment. Nature is our biggest ally, it’s our greatest inspiration, and we should be looking after the utterly incredible scenery that surrounds us, for, it’s what keeps us alive.

What was first founded just over fifty years ago in 1970, is now coming up to its 51st anniversary. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to do your part with Earth Day office activities, we’re going to help you become environmentally friendly with our list of seven tips to save the earth.

Save the date; as April 22nd is the day we all do at least one action that will make a difference.

7 Tips to Save the Earth

The truth of the matter is, our natural world is changing. It’s the most precious thing we all have, and we must start to protect it. Use any (or all) of our seven tips to save the earth, and let’s work together towards a brighter future, not just this Earth Day, but every day

1. Organise Employee Events

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day in the office is to organise an employee event that supports the goals of the day. This year’s focus is on ending plastic pollution, so why not arrange a screening of a movie like A Plastic Ocean, you can even check out Seaspiracy on Netflix – it’s an eye-opener.

2. Volunteer in the Community

Whilst the environment is large-scale, it’s also important to look at being environmentally friendly on a small scale. Go ahead and harness the power of your organisation and its employees, and work together to improve your local environment in a simple way.

Easy ways to do this could be to organise your employees into volunteer teams, and clean up the local park, plant a bunch of beautiful new trees, remove litter and garbage from a beach, or go and make a difference in your city centre.

3. Raise Money

A huge event like Earth Day takes earthly money. Why not help out by making a donation to ensure that the entire event, celebrating its 51st anniversary, runs smoothly and continues to flourish?

4. Start a Company Garden

A company garden is a pleasant way to get employees outside and encourage them to relieve some stress. A wonderful way to save the planet, but gardening can also be an invaluable source of physical activity. While building a company garden might sound complex, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. All you have to do is scroll through the world wide web for some how-to guides. 

5. Experience Nature

What better way to celebrate this wonderful planet we call home, than spending a beautiful day in nature. Pack up and head out as you organise an incredible day away in a magnificent forest, lake, or mountain nearby. Go camping and stay overnight, or just go for a day-long hike to appreciate the wonder around you.

6. Go Beyond Plastic

Although the theme of Earth Day this year is plastic pollution, you can take it one step further. Why not use this day as an opportunity to create a sustainable business. Check out just some of the below tips to save the earth, directly from your place of work.

  • Become more energy efficient.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Go paper-free in the office, or at least reduce unnecessary paperwork.
  • Offer incentives for your employees to use eco-friendly transport for their commute.
  • Put pressure on your suppliers to have strong environmental standards.
  • Create a comprehensive, environmentally friendly

 7. Launch an Incentives-Based Recycling Program

Finally, why not launch an office recycling program in honour of Earth Day? Save the planet by reducing waste that the average employee creates every month, and protect the earth and your pocket from harm.

Whatever you decide to go for, go through with it. Ensure that everyone is with you, engaged, and that you all understand the significance of sustainable development. It’s time to go green, it’s time to become an environmentally friendly, planet-saving hero.

Oh – and by the way, Happy 51st Earth Day!