5 Things Employers Look For When Interviewing Candidates

What Employers Look for when Interviewing Candidates

Great resumes are easy to come by; but when you’re a top job candidate, and it comes time for the first or final interview, your success hinges on being able to stand out from other interviewing candidates. One way is through certain qualities that all employers will look for in prime applicants – and here, we’re going to review just five of them.

While requirements vary from job to job, these factors can help take anyone who is an applicant into employee status! So, what skills do employers look for in interviewing candidates?

Let’s find out.


One of the most basic skills needed to be an effective employee is communication. It’s important for a person in any profession or industry because it makes up approximately one-third of our day, every single day.

What employers look for are good communicators who can speak clearly and concisely about complex topics with ease. Those who are able to listen attentively, without interruption, so that all parties are heard by others involved. This skill may take some time and practice, but super essential nonetheless! 


Another very sought after employability trait is leadership ability. This includes having self awareness as well as strong interpersonal skills which give you the confidence necessary when leading teams towards achieving goals, while inspiring both their creativity and productivity at the same time. Often, this will be referred to interviewed candidates as emotional intelligence.


Teamwork skills are an important asset to any employee who is part of an organization, or who works with other individuals in their daily operations. Regardless of your job title, many employers consider teamwork skills a must when reviewing applicants for open positions. In fact, it’s often what employers look for the most. Teamwork means being able to collaborate and communicate well with others on the team as it will help you be more successful at work, and ultimately, allow the business to thrive. 


Self-management skills allow you to work efficiently, prioritize tasks and contribute to your organization. Self-motivation is an important skill for all employees; it ensures that one follows a task through the entire way until completion, no matter what challenges arise. When thinking about what skills do employers look for, self-management is very important. Not only does it improve productivity, but also impacts contribution rates within any company when faced with tough deadlines or uncooperative co-workers.


Open-mindedness is a skill that can help you be ready to take on any new position. Whether it’s with your current company or one entirely different, having an open mind will allow for the best chances of success and improvement by giving yourself time to try other ways of doing things.

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