Lowie Recruitment Links Businesses with Samoan Talent

In a step towards advancing workforce diversity and strengthening staffing solutions in New Zealand, Lowie Recruitment has opened an office in Apia, Samoa. Driven by a commitment to providing innovative staffing solutions to businesses across New Zealand, the venture highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and diversity in the staffing sector.

With a focus on sourcing skilled workers locally and internationally, Lowie Recruitment’s expansion will address the evolving needs of businesses in the warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing sectors. The venture presents an opportunity for businesses to tap into the rich pool of culture, expertise and dedication offered by Samoan workers.

An opportunity has opened for New Zealand businesses to access a diverse pool of talent and expertise. By partnering with Lowie Recruitment, businesses gain access to motivated and skilled Samoan workers eager to contribute to success New Zealand’s success.

Steve Sargent, Lowie Recruitment’s General Manager, highlighted the significance of the expansion, ” We recognise the unique staffing needs of New Zealand businesses and are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet their requirements. Our presence in Apia enhances our ability and dedication to connecting businesses with top-tier talent.”

These mutually beneficial partnerships will not only meet the pressing needs of New Zealand industries but will also drive innovation and growth in the warehousing, logistics and manufacturing sectors.

“Our local presence in Samoa allows us to provide comprehensive support to businesses throughout the recruitment process, ensuring seamless integration of Samoan workers into the New Zealand workforce,” Sargent added.

The New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment’s  ‘Medium to Long-term Employment Projections’ report forecasts significant growth in the warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing sectors until 2028. This emphasises a future demand for workers, a gap Lowie Recruitment endeavours to bridge through tailored recruitment solutions aimed at enhancing business success and contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Lowie Recruitment’s expansion into Apia invites businesses across New Zealand to meet their staffing needs and diversify their workplace with talented and dedicated Samoan candidates.