Navigating Staffing Challenges in Healthcare During Economic Downturns

With many kiwi healthcare workers leaving New Zealand to escape the economic downturn, it is more important than ever for the healthcare industry to maintain a skilled and reliable workforce. Recently, it has been noted that quite a few healthcare workers from New Zealand are moving abroad. They are looking for better job opportunities and more money. 

This move, known as “brain drain,” is a big problem for New Zealand’s healthcare system. It causes shortages that become even harder to deal with when the economy is struggling. 


At Lowie Recruitment, we understand the complexities of staffing in the healthcare sector. With our expertise, you can navigate these staffing challenges. 


Build a Resilient Workforce 

During economic downturns, a proactive approach is important in achieving a resilient workforce. By using a recruitment agency, such as Lowie Recruitment, talented healthcare professionals with the necessary skills will be identified in an efficient manner so your organisation can focus on supporting patients. 


Upskilling Existing Staff 

It’s important to improve the skills of your current staff. This can be done by offering ongoing training and education. You can start training programs at your workplace or work with education providers for special courses. This won’t just make patient care better but also make your team happier and more satisfied with their jobs.  

Retain and Engage Existing Staff 

Retaining and motivating existing staff members is crucial. Offering professional development opportunities, flexible scheduling, and employee recognition schemes to, employee satisfaction will increase and turnover rates will decrease. 


Build Strong Partnerships  

Establishing strong partnerships with educational institutions and recruitment firms can help address staffing shortages. Collaborate with universities, training programmes and recruitment firms to create a pipeline of qualified healthcare professionals. At Lowie Recruitment, we have built strong relationships with offshore healthcare professionals ready to relocate to New Zealand. Learn more 


Stay Updated on Industry Trends and Policies 

In times of economic uncertainty, healthcare policies and regulations around staffing can change rapidly. It’s vital for to stay updated on industry trends and policies. Lowie Recruitment takes away that pressure, we do the hard work for you. We will keep you informed about the latest industry trends and policy updates. 


During economic downturns, it can be difficult to retain and recruit staff. A proactive approach and strategic planning are key in overcoming staffing challenges and ensuring a team that can efficiently treat patients.  

As an expert in healthcare recruitment solutions, Lowie Recruitment’s consultants can provide you with valuable support in your recruitment endeavours. Ready to build a skilled and reliable team? Get in touch with us today