Tālofa lava.

Welcome to our Apia Expansion!

Lowie Recruitment are thrilled to announce the opening of our new office in Apia, Samoa! This expansion marks a significant milestone in our commitment to provide tailored staffing solutions to New Zealand businesses, increase workplace diversity, and empower Samoan individuals.

With a focus on sourcing skilled workers locally and internationally, our expansion addresses the evolving needs of businesses in the warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing sectors. Furthermore, it opens avenues for New Zealand businesses to access motivated and skilled Samoan talent.

The venture will assist Samoan individuals already planning to come to New Zealand with the correct visa under the Samoan Quota Scheme.

About the venture

The New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment’s ‘Medium to Long-term Employment Projections’ report forecasts significant growth in the warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing sectors until 2028. This emphasises a future demand for workers, a gap we endeavour to bridge through recruitment solutions aimed at enhancing business success and contributing to the country’s economic growth. 

  Drive innovation, diversity and growth in New Zealand businesses

  Address the evolving needs of businesses in the warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing sectors

  Offer Samoan individuals employment pathways, work-life balance and a fulfilling life in New Zealand

  Provide businesses with an opportunity to tap into the rich pool of culture, expertise and dedication offered by Samoan workers

Read more about the venture in our blog ‘Lowie Recruitment Links Businesses with Samoan Talent.’


Further Information

Whether you’re a Samoan individual ready to embark on a new chapter in New Zealand or a business seeking staffing solutions, Lowie Recruitment is your gateway to opportunity and success.

Let’s build a brighter future together. 


Contact us to explore how Lowie Recruitment can meet your staffing needs, enhance success and diversify your business. 

For more information, please contact Ben on 021 640 997 or fill in the form on our employers page.

Job Seekers

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