7 Reasons to Become a Santa

Santa at the mall with a child

The Top 7 Reasons to Become a Santa

Every year as the Christmas season approaches, Santa begins to appear in retail stores, malls and events all around New Zealand. If you have thought about getting a job as Santa but you want to learn more, we have prepared a list of reasons why you shouldn’t miss this rewarding annual job opportunity.

1. You will be playing a cultural icon

As Santa, you will be playing a cultural icon, one who can influence the behaviour of kids. You will be helping many exhausted parents bring some joy to their kids.

2. You can test out your acting skills

By always staying in character you get to test out your acting skills. When you are wearing the suit, you must behave like Santa at all times – jolly and never becoming frustrated.

3. You get your own bodyguard

A personal bodyguard! Or if we are being completely honest, we should say elves, who will manage the lines for you.

4. A big belly is not required

You don’t need a belly full of jelly to be a Santa. We don’t measure a Santa by their waist but by their warm personality!

5. You get ideas for your own gift shopping

Get inspiration for your own gift shopping. You will get to know all the latest toys and that can help with your own gift shopping for kids or grandkids.

6. Santa receives a lot of love

As a Santa you get all the love, joy and occasional treats from children.

7. You will be spreading the Christmas joy

You will be bringing joy and merriment to not only children, but their families too.

If you’re interested in becoming a Santa this festive season, we are now hiring. Apply Now!