A Day in the Life of a Mall Santa

A Typical Day of a Mall Santa

Santa’s role at the mall is to sit on his throne surrounded by his elves and meet hundreds of kids that eagerly wait in line to meet Santa and find out If they have been naughty or nice.

During the course of the day Santa will get to see lots of big smiles from children as he listen to what kids would like for Christmas (a yellow Lamborghini might be a bit of a struggle to get down the chimney!), pose for photographs and wish the kids a Merry Christmas.

Santa’s day starts with arriving to a line of excited children and their parents patiently waiting for you. A big cheer is let out as you arrive and children start to jump with joy. As it near closer to opening, the line is constantly growing.

Excitement builds as Santa arrives with a big HoHoHo and takes a seat on his throne, and the children in line start talking to their parents about what they are going to say to Santa.

Santa listens to what children would like for Christmas and what they have been up to during the year. Being a Santa is not only about being kind, but thinking on your feet.

Santa will need to answer questions such as; Have I been naughty or nice? Who is your favourite reindeer? What if I don’t have a chimney? How do you travel around the world in one night?

The fun doesn’t stop there. Children will ask Santa for gifts from Fidget Spinners to a trip to Hawaii for Christmas. With these tricky requests, when Santa responds “I’ll see what I can do” or “I’ll talk to Mrs Claus” he is responded to with a smile.

Playing Santa is an important part of the holidays and you can bring a smile to a child’s face this Christmas. If you would like to get involved and become a Santa, apply now!

Don’t fret if this all sounds a bit daunting. We provide full training at our Santa School that will ensure you will become the best Santa you can be!